Mock Interviews 2023

A series of mock interviews for engineering and computer science students will be held over three days:

The schedule of interviewers and their affiliations is given in the tables below. Each slot is 50 minutes long. The first half will be conducted as a regular interview. The interviewer will then use the second half to provide you with feedback on your performance, your application, and how to better prepare for future interviews.

This is an invaluable experience for all students, particularly those in co-op or nearing graduation, as it provides the sort of feedback that you will not get in any other venue.


If you wish to participate:

  1. Review the list of interviewers. Note that we have tagged the interview slots using “chem”, “mech”, “mine”, and/or “comp” to help you find opportunities related to your stream. These tags indicate which students the interviewer has indicated they wish to interview, so you are limited to those in your stream.
  2. The hyperlinks on the company names (e.g., XPS) will take you to the job posting they have provided. Keep in mind that most companies don’t create a new job posting for this event, they simply re-use a summer student or full-time job posting they have on hand. Don’t read too much into the job requirements. Don’t exclude yourself because you haven’t graduated yet or don’t have all the skills they are requesting — it’s not a real job! The posting is simply there so that the interviewer and interviewee have a common idea of what the “job” they are discussing entails.
  3. Interview slots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis; however, sign-ups will be staggered into three rounds to give as many students possible the opportunity to have a mock interview:
    • Round 1:
      Students can sign up for one interview starting at 8am on Monday, January 9, 2023. Because slots are handed out on a first-come basis, you can request a list of slots (e.g., D10,D11,D12) and you will be slotted in based on availability; however, you will only be allocated one interview in the first round.
    • Round 2:
      Students can sign up for a second interview (or a first, if they didn’t sign up in Round 1) as of 8am on Thursday, January 12, 2023.
    • Round 3:
      Students can sign up for as many of the remaining interviews as they like beginning 8am on Monday, January 16, 2023. At this point, we just want to ensure that every slot is filled.
  4. Interview slots can be reserved by emailing an application to Brent Lievers <>. Your application should include (1) your resume and (2) a cover letter as PDF files. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be sent back for revision, so please read and follow these instructions carefully so that delays don’t cost you your preferred slot:
    • Clearly indicate in your email subject line the slot number (e.g., “C14”) to which you are applying. Although we will try to keep this list updated, your preferred slot may have already been taken. We recommend listing multiple slots in your preferred order (e.g., “D20, D17, or D35”) wherever possible.
    • Generic applications that do not mention the employer specifically are unacceptable and will be sent back for revisions. The cover letter must be tailored to the job posting; at a minimum, it should list the employer name and the job title to which you are applying. If you’re applying for multiple spots at a time, you must include a different cover letter for each unique employer.
    • Once we accept your application, you will not have the opportunity to revise it. Please ensure it is correct, complete, and tailored to the position.
    • You have not secured an interview until your name appears in the slot on this page.

Please contact Brent if you have any questions.

Most interviews are being held in person; however, some interviews will be conducted remotely (as indicated by the Zoom watermark). If the latter, you will be sent a Zoom invite in advance of the meeting.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Interviewers 8:00–8:50 9:00–9:50 10:00–10:50 11:00–11:50
Debbie Rhude
Hard-Line Solutions (comp/mech) OR Hard-Line Solutions (comp/mech) OR Hard-Line Solutions (comp/mech)
A1. Pavel Rahovich A2. Pranil G C A3. Stephen Irvine A4. Ankita Devani
Brenna Greeenwood & Christina Leader
Glencore (mine)
A5. Bilimpo Diabri A6. Solomon Acheampong A7. Maharshi Bhatt A8. Yuankui Chen
Valerie Rorison
XPS (chem)
A9. Xi Luo A10. Marlee Greenwood A11. Yohann Lohale A12. John Nwaobi
Steve Oaks
Black Rock Engineering (mech)
A13. Andrew Holt A14. Mehdi Lakhssassi A15. Gabriella Evans A16. Pavel Rahovich


Interviewers 1:00–1:50 2:00–2:50 3:00–3:50
Dan O’Connor & Christina Leader
Glencore (mech)
B1. William Martin B2. Tyson Carroll B3. Ethan Vieira
Kayla-Lyn Robin
Vale (chem/mech/mine)
B5. Jessica Rudd B6. John Nwaobi B7. Rowan Perrott
Valerie Rorison
XPS (chem)
B9. Liam Retty B10. Jessica Rudd B11. Mubaraq Olanrewaju
Jim Lundrigan
Technica Mining (mine)
B13. Xi Luo B14. Jie Huang B15. Maharshi Bhatt
Mark Peters BESTECH (mech) B17. Pavel Rahovich B18. Dawson O’Hara B19. Brenner Mingorance

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Interviewers 8:00–8:50 9:00–9:50 10:00–10:50 11:00–11:50
Michael Loken
City of Greater Sudbury (mech) OR City of Greater Sudbury (chem)
C1. Samuel Caron C2. Liam Retty C3. John Nwaobi C4. Dhruv Sharma
Philippe Belzile
Vale (chem/mech/mine)
C5. Joshua Kroll C6. Pavel Rahovich C7. Georgina Coste-Ramsay C8. Amar Amar
Julie Lacroix
Lopes Ltd (mech/mine)
C9. Amine Naili C10. Purva Hemendrakumar Patel C11. Mohammad Nasiri C12. Ethan Vieira
Lee Weitzel BESTECH (mine) C13. Bilimpo Diabri C14. Xi Luo C15. Joseph Boyle C16. Janaide Fita Mounouna
Steve Runnalls
Technica Mining (mine)
C17. Abdulai Jalloh C18. Bilimpo Diabri C19. Jackson Miteff C20. Joseph Boyle


Interviewers 1:00–1:50 2:00–2:50 3:00–3:50
Francois Nzotungwanimana & Tanya Swearengen
Ionic Mechatronics (mech)
D1. Nathaniel Hallett D2. Malcolm Sheehan D3. Pavel Rahovich
Alicia Levac & Matt Bennison
Komatsu (mech)
D5. William Martin D6. Pavel Rahovich D7. Premalkumar Patel
Gus Minor & Sidney Shapiro sofvie inc. (comp) OR sofvie inc. (comp) OR sofvie inc. (comp) D9. Haoyu Huang D10. Pengyu Wang D11. Ankita Devani
Matthew Borraro
Technica Mining (mine)
D13. Jay Gosai D14. Yuankui Chen D15. Sameer Arora

Thursday, January 26, 2023


Interviewers 8:00–8:50 9:00–9:50 10:00–10:50 11:00–11:50
Greg Milks & Elisa Bacik Prospec Steel Fabrication (mech/mine) E1. Aiden Campbell E2. Dhruv Sharma E3. Ahmad Alzahran E4. Amar Amar
Chris Granger & Julie Coffin
Glencore (chem)
E5. Georgina Coste-Ramsay E6. Megan Caron E7. Liam Retty E8. Samuel Caron
Dave Timmermans & Borz Kord
Vale (chem/mech/mine)
E9. Liza Wemigwans-Manitowabi E10. Samuel Caron E11. Janaide Fita Mounouna E12. Liam Retty
Krista Akerman
J.L. Richards & Associates (mech)
E13. Evan Lamarche E14. Malcolm Sheehan E15. Mathieu Archambault E16. Mehdi Lakhssassi


Interviewers 1:00–1:50 2:00–2:50 3:00–3:50
Rock Carriere & Danielle Stewart
Glencore (mine)
F1. Jay Gosai F2. Shaleen Simon George F3. Jackson Miteff
Alexandre Prenoveau
Arctic Canadian Diamond Company (mine)
F5. Janaide Fita Mounouna F6. Noaga Ouedraogo F7. Ismael Falah
Julia Salvalaggio
Maclean Engineering (comp) OR
Maclean Engineering (mech)
F9. Stephen Irvine F10. Darshan Shah F11. Doran Williams
Gus Minor & Sidney Shapiro sofvie inc. (comp) OR sofvie inc. (comp) OR sofvie inc. (comp) F13. Austin Barrett F14. Amanbir Kahlon F15. Augustin Marks de Chabris
Alicia Levac & Christopher Wright
Komatsu (mech)
F17. Ahmad Alzahran F18. Evan Lamarche F19. Mathieu Archambault