Promo video for Laurentian University’s engineering program

The Ontario University Fair (OUF) will be taking place this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Many of my colleagues from all over Ontario will be in attendance to meet prospective students trying to make decisions about their post-secondary education.

Laurentian University has prepared promotional videos for use at OUF which highlight four of the many programs we offer. Each video follows the activities of a particular student enrolled in that program. One of our mechanical engineering students was selected for profiling. You can see his video below. It also contains cameos by some of our mechanical faculty and students, as well as beautiful footage of the Laurentian campus and the city of Greater Sudbury.

Each video is about two minutes long. Some individual clips last just seconds. But what I have learned vicariously is that there are hours of people’s time and effort in every one of those shots. That time has been well spent; the results look great!

If you are interested, the other videos include those for the Theatre, Education, and Outdoor Adventure Leadership programs.


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